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Our Privacy Policy aims to protect the privacy of its users and respects their privacy. Our purpose in creating this Policy is to inform you about how we oversee, use, and protect your information coming from your use of our casino review website.
Whenever you have any concerns with respect to our privacy practices, please do not hesitate to contact us in the first place.

Legal Terms and Gambling Laws in Malaysia

Gambling in Malaysia is believed to have originated with Chinese merchants in the 19th century. Gambling, both legal and illegal forms, is very popular in Malaysia. The majority of gambling forms -- lotteries, casino games, horse racing -- are legal in Malaysia, while all forms of betting on sports (at bookmakers) and online gambling are prohibited. But even illegal gambling is very popular in Malaysia. 

The Ministry of Finance is the only authority that issues licenses or permits for gambling. This unit is called the Kawalan Perjudian Unit (Betting Control Unit). There is another law -- Lotteries Act 1952, which governs lottery play in Malaysia.
Malaysia's gambling laws are governed by three major legal frameworks: the Betting Act 1953, the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953, and Shariah law. 

The Betting Act 1953 includes telecommunications and other methods by which bets can be transmitted between customers and betting houses under certain conditions when gambling is not compliant with the Act. This Act penalizes anyone found running or being involved in a betting house with a RM200 000 fine and 5 years in jail.

The Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 (with further amendments) covers more types of gambling than the Betting Act. Gaming is defined in the Common Gaming Houses Act as "playing a game for money or money's worth that involves chance, skill, and money."

As part of Malaysia's 2020 budget plan, the Finance Minister increased the punishments for both illegal gamblers and gambling operators. In addition to increased penalties, the minimum jail sentence for those who gamble illegally has been increased from 6 months to 20-fold.

As Malaysia's predominant religion is Islam, it has Sharia (or Syariah) law and Sharia courts as well. Generally, non-Malays (mostly Indians and Chinese) are not subject to Sharia law, but to secular law. Sharia law forbids all forms of gambling.

What Information We May Have

In the first instance, there is non-identifiable and unidentified information about a user (s), which may be gathered or provided by the use of the Services and interactions with the website ("Non-Personal Information"). Non-personal Information that is collected cannot be used to identify the user.

Secondly, we collect technical information transmitted by your computer to enhance the functionality of our services. This information may include software and hardware information.

Besides the information about pages viewed and time spent on each page, we also collect information about user activity (clicks and actions). We collect this information, among other things, to conduct research and analytics about how users use our website.

We also collect individually identifiable information. THrough this type of information, wy may be able to identify an individual. We may collect this information when you subscribe to our newsletters by putting in your email address on the website or when you enter your name and email address in any online performa available on our site.

Your Personal Information may also be collected if you use our Contact Us or Live Chat page. But this allows us to collect as much information as you fill in the performa. In addition, we may collect details about your device, including its IP address, and data regarding your hardware. Whenever we combine Non-personal Information with Personal Information, we treat it as Personal Information.


Cookies and other technologies are used to collect, keep, and track some information about your visit to and activity on our website.

Basically, a cookie is a small piece of data kept on your device that contains information about your access to a website. The cookies we use and those of our trusted partners may serve a variety of different purposes. 

In particular, we use this information to improve your navigation between pages, automate certain features, remember your preferences, and make the interaction between you and our website faster and easier. You can remove cookies from your web browser any time.

How do we safeguard and transfer your information?

Keeping our website and your information safe and secure is a top priority to us. To ensure security of user information and prevent unauthorized access, we follow industry standards and policies.
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