Top 5 Online Casinos Malaysia - 2021

We are proud to provide you with the finest selection of trusted online casino Malaysia for 2021. We keep our list comprehensive and up-to-date. As an added bonus, we also provide a simple guide for beginners. Have a look at this list and opt for any of these best online casino Malaysia. Trust us, you won’t regret your decision.

Best 5 Live Dealer Casinos Malaysia 

Welcome Bonus Up to 
MYR 300
Welcome Bonus Up to 
MYR 1,200
Welcome Bonus Up to 
MYR 400
Welcome Bonus Up to 
MYR 400
Welcome Bonus Up to 
MYR 300

Process to Review Online Casino in 2021

Every day, thousands of bettors search our site for the best online casino Malaysia. We take our responsibility to help bettors find the best gambling experience seriously, which is why we use our special rating system.

Using the eight pillars below, our experts investigate every casino before it appears on our site. Along with scrutinizing the terms and conditions, and playing with the casino themselves, our experts use hard data to inform their reviews.

Safety and Security

Safety and security is the most important feature of any online casino Malaysia. We examine the safety measures, and rank casinos accordingly. you will never find a casino with weak security and safety measures on our site. We see casinos from every possible security point of view so that the safety of the personal and financial data of players could never be compromised.

Bonuses and Promotions

In the second place, we check the variety of bonuses and promotions. Again, let’s assure you that you will never find a casino on our site with hidden terms and conditions for claiming bonuses and promotions. In fact, we don’t give space to a casino which has not offered exciting bonuses to its users. We wonder why a casino would exist if it cannot provide players with attractive bonuses and promotions, because players invest their time and money on a casino to enjoy and earn well.

Software and Games

We believe that a casino has no right to operate in the casino market if it cannot cater to the needs of players. Users visit a casino for fun and earning, so a casino which has not any comprehensive game library, deserves no visitors. Also, we take software providers into consideration. To get space on our website, a caiso must have been collaborating with top developers to provide its players with every game of their choice.

Banking Methods

Online casinos are meant to be open for players from various corners of the world. To facilitate its players, a casino must offer multiple banking options. It should also be supporting multiple international currencies. As an online casino Malaysia review site, we ensure that only a trusted online casino Malaysia get a space on our platform. For that matter, the casino has to prove that it offers safe banking options for making deposits and withdrawal.

Website Interface

We also consider the layout and interface of the website of a casino. A Malaysia casino online would never be able to draw our attention towards it if it does not have a fast loading, user-friendly and eye catching website.

Customer Support

In the gambling business, customers should be respected as God. We only mark that casino as the best online casino Malaysia that offers its Malaysian customers top-notch customer services. Live chat support, access via phone call, and social media are must features an online casino Malaysia should have to inspire us.

Our way to Rate and Review Online Casinos

In consultation with experts on the industry, we have defined our own way to review and rate online casinos. Our scrutiny measures are very strict and we pay attention to every detail. This is the reason why we claim to be the best casino review site in Malaysia.

To give you an idea about our way of rating and reviewing online casino Malaysia, let’s mention here few factors that we take into account:

Security and Safety

The first factor that we pay attention to is the security and safety. The security measures of each casino are examined, and we rank them accordingly. This is the reason that you will never find a casino with weak security and safety measures on our site. Our goal is to ensure players' personal and financial data can never be compromised according to every possible security measure.

Software and Games

A casino with limited variety of games serves no purpose to casino enthusiasts. An online casino is visited for fun and to earn money, so a casino without an extensive game library is unlikely to attract customers. We also take into account software providers. For a caiso to be listed on our website, it must cooperate with the top developers to provide its players with the widest selection of games.

Welcome Bonuses and Other Promotions

We examine the variety of bonuses and promotions. Please be assured that there will be no casino on our site that uses hidden terms or conditions for bonuses and promotions. Our site is also not for casinos that do not offer exciting bonuses to their users. If a casino cannot offer players appealing bonuses and promotions, we wonder why it even exists, as players rely on a casino to have fun and earn money.

Deposits and Withdrawals

It is the intention of online casinos to cater to players across the globe. In order to make its players' lives easier, casinos must offer multiple banking methods. A number of international currencies should be supported as well. Since we are a review site, we only allow those Malaysian online casinos that are reputable and trustworthy to become a part of our platform. Furthermore, the casino must verify that it offers secure banking options for depositing and withdrawing funds.

How You Should Play a Live Casino in Malaysia?

When you play live casinos in Malaysia, you need to have the necessary and essential knowledge about the live game you are playing with live-dealers or your friends. Live casino games are played because it's fun, it's enjoyable.

So here’s a guide to tell you how to paly live casino in Malaysia.
  • It is important to choose the type of live casino game that you would like to play before starting.
  • You have to select a table, keeping in mind your budget, based on the maximum value and minimum value of the table. And it will be useless if you are taking a seat on the table which is out of your budget, it seems like you are taking the spot of any other man out there. 
  • Ideally, you should place your bet now, which is the initial stake you will place on that game.
  • Be careful not to overdrink. If you feel like having a few drinks, let's say you're in control of your mind, but it's best to make certain you have control of your body. Having too much to drink sometimes affects your ability to make smart decisions.
  • Your dealers should always be courteous to players, and the casino dealer represents the casino, so you should never be rude to him.
  • Whenever you join the game or leave the game, you should always thank the dealer.
  • Similarly, when playing against another player, you should be polite and, at the same time, be careful as well. 
  • Chatting with other players might be necessary through the chat window. However, don't show off your cards while playing.

How to find trustworthy casinos with attractive bonuses?

Why do you visit casinos? For winning money and to enjoy yourself? Right? And would you consider playing at an online casino if something seemed suspicious about it? Of course not. So use our tips to be able to identify any online casino that is a scam or genuinely interested in your money. This list will also help you out in finding casinos with compelling bonuses and rewards.

Read Reviews

While casino reviews flag any unfair terms and conditions straight away, player testimonials are useful for identifying patterns of complaints against any online casino Malaysia.

Check License

ALways check for license information usually displayed on the homepage of any reputable online casino Malaysia. If you are unsure, you can check the casino's license on the regulatory body's website.

Visit its Games Library

Trusted online casino Malaysia use Random Number Generator (RNG) software and have fair return-to-player (RTP) percentages.

Learn about Payment Methods

There is a need to investigate further if the online casino only offers obscure banking options. Before depositing funds, make sure you are clear about the withdrawal/deposit requirements and payout speeds.

Contact Customer Support

Find another online casino Malaysia if the casino of your choice does not respond to your message or takes weeks to respond.

Summarizing Everything

We have access to hundreds of online gambling sites, so we can challenge an online casino Malaysia’s bold claims. We compare a casino against its competitors and the industry averages based on the criteria that players care about most. As a result of our transparency, our reviews offer an edge to our customers.

Since we're an independent casino review site, a Malaysia casino online must meet our requirements to be listed on our site. In addition to providing you with impartial casino review, we can also help you make smarter bets on sports. Contact us if you want to earn big. Our betting advice and casino game tips can help you to make more profitable wagers.


What is the most trusted online casino?

A casino with a valid license, fairplay technology, and multiple banking methods would be considered the most trusted online casino Malaysia.

What is the best and safest online casino?

AW8 is one of the best and safest online casino in Malaysia. The best and safest casino is the one with a valid license from a reputable authority, and Random Number Generator (RNG) software, which ensures all their games are truly random. This software is regularly checked by regulatory agencies, so you can trust your money is safe and secure.

Can you really win money on online casinos?

Online casinos can help you win money. To get better odds, you have to play more, but you don't need to have huge fortunes.

Which online casino has the best reviews?

There are mainly five online casinos in Malaysia with the best reviews: IVIP9, Spin996, AW8, JACK998, and SIAM855.

How do I choose an online casino?

You can choose an online casino Malaysia by looking at its license information, games selection, bonuses and promotions, banking methods, and customer support services.
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